Kaitlyn Johnson

Research Associate, Aerospace Security Project

Kaitlyn Johnson is a research associate with the Aerospace Security Project at CSIS. Her work focuses on supporting the team’s research agenda and specializes in topics such as defense acquisition, space security and military space systems, commercial and civil space policy, and U.S. air dominance. She has written on escalation and deterrence dynamics in the space domain, ultra-low-cost access to space, the Russian RD-180 rocket engine, commercial remote sensing regulation reform, defense acquisition trends, and federal research and development contract trends. Ms. Johnson holds an M.A. from American University in U.S. foreign policy and national security studies, with a concentration in defense and space security, and a B.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology in international affairs.

Contact Information
Email: kjohnson [at] csis.org
Tel: 202-644-5643