Colm Quinn

Director of New Media and Audience Development

Colm Quinn is the director of New Media and Audience Development at CSIS. His work focuses on expanding the reach of CSIS on digital platforms and helping to grow CSIS’s audience beyond Washington. When Colm joined CSIS in 2012, the center had 800 Twitter followers and 14,000 followers on Facebook. Today CSIS boasts one of the largest social media footprints of any think tank worldwide with over 200,000 followers on Twitter and over half a million on Facebook, as well as a growing Instagram presence.

He is the host of The CSIS Podcast, a weekly look at the stories driving the U.S. foreign policy debate. The podcast has had over 100 episodes (and counting) since launching in late 2015 and is a regular feature on the iTunes charts.

Prior to joining CSIS, Colm was active in political campaigning in his native Ireland, establishing and executing communications strategies for successful local and European election campaigns. He holds a B.A. in business and political science from Trinity College, Dublin. Follow him on twitter @colmfquinn

Contact Information
Email: cquinn [at]
Tel: (202) 741-3947