Christian Man

Research Fellow, Global Food Security Project
Associated Programs: Global Food Security Project

Christian Man is a research fellow with the CSIS Global Food Security Project. His research interests include smallholder livelihoods, seed systems, agricultural cooperatives and value chains, and the political economy of development. Prior to joining CSIS, Christian worked as a consultant for Catholic Relief Services, helping with the design, implementation, and analysis of Seed System Security Assessments in Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and Zimbabwe. He also recently completed a research internship at The Palladium Group, an international development consulting firm. Prior to his work in international development, Christian was a community development practitioner in Memphis, Tennessee, where he helped organize an urban agriculture program, a food policy council, and a local foods distributor.He received a Ph.D. from Penn State.

Contact Information
Email: CMan [at]
Tel: 202.775.3263